Wednesday, 16 April 2014

So what is King For A Year?

In April 2014, as part of the #CarrieAt40 celebrations, Matthew Craig at readerdad asked me if I'd like to be involved by writing an essay and review of the novel.  I jumped at the chance (it was the first time I'd actually read it) and during the month, various other essays were published.

We were discussing this on Facebook (initially it was me, Alison Littlewood, Anthony Cowin, Ross Warren and Andrew Murray) and it occurred to me that it might be fun for all of us to pick one Stephen King novel and write a review of it, linking them all together.  Ross suggested we create a blog, I thought about calling it "The Stephen King Annual" and then Willie Meikle came up with the title we settled on.

The purpose of this blog is to review two or three Stephen King novels a month throughout 2015 (it was originally going to be twelve!), with a different writer/reviewer for each one.  Some reviews you might agree with, some you probably won't, but hopefully they'll all entertain you and might even give you some reading suggestions.

Confirmed so far we have:

The Shining
Anthony Cowin
Night Shift
Stephen Bacon
The Dark Tower
Dr Sleep
Jenny Barber
Wayne Parkin
Salem's Lot
From A Buick 8
Matthew Craig
Neil Williams
Donna Bond
The Talisman
Mihai Adascalitei
The Dead Zone
Lisey's Story
Willie Meikle
Dean M. Drinkel
Maura McHugh
Danse Macabre
Gary McMahon
Kevin Bufton
Sarah Langan
James Everington
Under The Dome
On Writing
Rose Madder
Selina Lock
Kit Power
Rowan Coleman
Adele Wearing
Four Past Midnight
John Llewellyn Probert
The Regulators
Lynda E. Rucker
Shaun Hamilton
Pet Sematary
Finders Keepers
Marc Francis
Bev Vincent
Kim Talbot Hoelzli
David T. Wilbanks
Cycle Of The Werewolf
Jay Eales
Nadine Holmes
Thana Niveau
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
Alison Littlewood
Skeleton Crew
Different Seasons
Phil Sloman
Dave Jeffery
Mr Mercedes
Steven Savile
Gerald's Game
Ray Cluley
The Bachman Books
Needful Things
Johnny Mains
Sharon Ring
Duma Key
Liz Barnsley
The Colorado Kid
Jim Mcleod
Nightmares & Dreamscapes
Full Dark, No Stars
Paul M. Feeney
Christian Saunders
Frazer Lee
Dolores Claiborne
Carole Johnstone
The Dark Half
Andrew Murray
Hearts In Atlantis
The Drawing Of The Three (DT)
The Gunslinger (DT)
Chad Clark
Robert Mammone
Julie Cohen
Anthony Watson
Kim Talbot Hoelzli
Ross Warren
The Stand
Black House
Sheri White
Robert Spalding
Pet Sematary
Charlotte Bond
The Green Mile
Bag Of Bones
Just After Sunset
Pet Sematary
The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams
The Wind Through The Keyhole
Rita Hayworth And...
Eyes Of The Dragon

Simon Bestwick
Charlene Cocrane
Edward Lorn
Charlotte Bond
Steve Shaw
Pardip S Basra
Gef Fox
Paul M. Feeney
David T Griffith
Jay Faulkner

We hope you'll join us...

Anthony Cowin will open the blog with his review of "The Shining" on January 5th 2015, Stephen Bacon will follow with his review of "Night Shift" and Jenny Barber will see out the month with her review of "The Dark Tower".

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